In addition to contract basics, you are guaranteed to receive 3½ hours allocated support time each week. This means that if all the reported faults are resolved our engineer can go in search of problems that might not have been reported, by means of visiting offices and classrooms or accessing error logs.

Because of the commitment shown to ICT in your business or school, we will also be happy to perform emergency onsite or remote maintenance, outside of the allocated support time, in addition to the ‘always on the end of the phone’ approach adopted by the basic contract. All new contracts get 10% discount in their first year.

  • Guaranteed to receive 3½ hours allocated support time each week
  • Free Helpdesk for ICT
  • Free Helpdesk for Premises Management
  • Free Asset Manager for ICT and AV Equipment
Curriculum Training Programs – One half a day program available for free per year (additional costs apply for more).
  • Install any software from supplied disk
  • Setup and maintain administration staff emails
  • Data file management – setting up shared folders
  • Network workstations – Installation & support
  • Install peripheral, printers, scanners, digital cameras
  • Windows and Antivirus updates
  • Admin Software support for MIS & Finance packages (A support contract must be in place with the relevant companies)
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Automatic onsite visit ***
  • Software Installation and Updates
  • Windows and Antivirus Updates
  • Setup and maintain curriculum staff and pupils emails
  • Hardware Support (Workstations)
  • Install & Configure new workstations****
  • If faulty and out of warranty, we can replace all components at cost to the school
  • Hardware Support (Laptops)
  • Install Memory modules and new hard drives
  • Install & Configure all peripherals
  • Troubleshoot all problems
  • Support curriculum software (with software vendors)
  • Report to the ICT Coordinator on all issues

* : If not remotely solvable; Doesn’t require 3rd Party; Doesn’t require consumables/parts
** : School must ensure a replacement bulb is available onsite
*** : Applies to IWB and Admin computer failure – Printing issues are not included
**** : Gold/Silver/Custom: More than three may be chargeable.