Other Services

Agile Training

Agile is an umbrella term for practices that are cantered around people, collaboration, product delivery, customer collaboration and continuous improvement. Agile breaks projects down into small manageable chunks “batches” which are delivered on a consistent cadence from 1 week to a calendar month. Agile is based on closed loop theory, the most effective way to produce batch work when changing requirement are present. Inspection of small batches is done regularly so that defects can quickly be fixed without such a large effect on production. Agile, like closed loop theory requires just 3 things; Transparency, Inspection & Adaptation.

Carpentry and Interior Design

With a network of highly skilled tradesmen (all with exceptional years of experience) we also offer interior design consultants if needed, who will plan your job from start to finish, our experience translates to first-class results, exclusive service and peace of mind.

Metal Works

We have dedicated installations teams that work throughout England, Scotland & Wales. And our staff are fully trained to a high standard in installations & repairs of products.

We also provide a free call out service during working hours.

We provide a free canopy design service paying attention to all details & meeting all regulations.

We provide a huge range of metal products such as Grills, Sinks, Shelf’s, Chef Tables, Stainless Steel Bins, Barbecues,Vegetable Stands, Staircases, Filters & Shop counters..


Our architecture is unique because it is free from ideas styles and preconceptions; it emerges spontaneously through an analytic design process.

We spend considerable amount of time working with our clients to develop their brief, in order to profoundly understand their ways of life and aspirations.

This High resolution brief considered in relation to location, sustainability and restrictions such as planning & building regulations, is the only driving force shaping our work.

Unbiased by the purely aesthetic, explores and merges a wide range of innovative materials and digital production techniques with natural and hand crafted fabrication methods

Our inspiration comes from pure fascination with the archetypes of dwelling; elusive, organic, beautiful and intangible.