The ICT Support Manager provides a full and detailed online Help Desk facility suitable for a small tightly knit organisation or a sprawling multi-building, multi-site campus; It offers the same degree of analysis, control and efficiency.

Effective communications is a key element of a successful support team and it facilitates a clarity of communication unparalleled in systems of this nature; simple to use, intuitive and efficient the call-logging mechanism is slick and quick taking seconds to record any incident.

Providing “support” is not just a matter of repairing metal. Today’s technology is very sophisticated and is being upgraded or replaced at increasingly frequent intervals, often before an organisation has an opportunity to ensure ALL users are fully conversant with ALL operating issues. Users may simply have concerns about a piece of software, or equipment, and simply need a brief conversation in context with their requirements in order to be fully operational.

Our “Helpdesk” is web-based and enables any staff member with access to a web-browser to quickly log not just “faults” but “issues” and “concerns” as well.  Thereby providing the support team with a clear picture of all the support needs of the organisation.

Simple to use system by which EVERY staff member has the ability to record any issue, concern or fault associated with their ICT equipment and systems. ALL information is shared with ALL users so that there are no secrets and EVERYONE knows at-a-glance the status of every support call.