Curriculum Support

Creating games from Scratch

With the current ICT curriculum thrown into question and greater importance given to higher order thinking skills associated with computer programming. Schools are becoming more and more interested into getting their students to start to get hand on experience with creating rather than just using software. This course is designed to get you “up to Scratch” creating simple games using the MIT freeware software Scratch.

Create magic with your Interactive White Board (Easiteach/Promethean or Smartboard)

Engage students on a whole new dimension by actively encouraging them to participate in the presentation. Break up copious text by integrating interactive activities for students to follow and engage themselves in.
Learn how to integrate and reuse those tired PowerPoint presentations and breathe new life into them by converting them into IWB versions with just a few clicks and then add all the interactivity you want without having to start from scratch.

Making the most out of your school’s multimedia Hardware

Digital Video Cameras (Movie Maker, i-Movie, Flipshare or Adobe premiere)

Share student kinaesthetic work by capturing them in action. Video recordings can be used as an alternative way of capturing evidence to support student assessment for various activities. Create engagement activities using the medium of video and video editing as a vehicle to inject excitement in teaching topics.
Students learn the process of scripting to improve their literacy, storyboarding to improve their artistic and organisational skills. They also learn to work as a team and engage in directorial and editing activities to further develop their analytical and creativity skills.

Digital Audio Recording Devices (Garageband or Audacity software

Record and playback student voice as a way of complementing the assessment of language and literacy skills. Audio recordings can be edited and broadcasted as podcasts or school radio programmes as a way of building students confidence in speech and literacy. Student live music performances can be captured and shared to the school website of learning platform enabling a greater audience of parents, governors and the community to be able to enjoy the fantastic musical talent in the school.


Learn how to get the most out of your iPad(s) with ideas on how to use them as a whole class resources or how to mirror your display to the projectors. Learn how to share resources and get students to save work to send back to you, and get an introduction to the many apps out there that are tailored made to engage whole class learning through using iPads.

Getting the most out of Visualisers (document cameras)

Being the modern day equivalent to an overhead projector is really selling this piece of hardware short. It not only can do everything a OHP can but can do it better! Showcase student work and annotate either in analogue or digital. Take snapshots of resources and save them as images to share.
Demonstrations of various activities such as dangerous science experiments which can be projected to all students to see from a safe distance, better still the whole performance can be recorded to share via a learning platform or on the local network for students to access as and when needed.

Blogging your way to success

Ever wondered how to get students to improve their literacy while making them feel like they are having fun at the same time? Well look no further than blogging! Using WordPress everyone can start to improve their writing and literacy skills and share their work across the world whist practicing and improving their literacy skills at the same time.

iLove Apples

With Apple computers becoming more and more popular in schools and business, it is becoming important for us to give our students the best introduction to the different types of technology they will be exposed to later on in life. In order for us to do this we must first understand and become confident users of the Mac iOS environment ourselves and all the exciting software they ship with e.g. iMovie, iTunes, Garageband.
This course is designed to give you a great introduction to all the preinstalled software available and also a get familiarised with the differences between a Mac and Windows environment.

Setting up your school radio station

Create your own podcasts, mix your own music and share them with the whole school, whether it is the latest in a series of revision podcasts for students to listen to in their mp3 players to mixing the various student music creations recorded in class. Audacity is a simple to use audio editing software that will enable anyone to quickly and easily create or edit audio clips together.

Create your own Hollywood blockbuster with the magic of Greenscreen

Ever wondered how you can fly across the world, breathe in space, stand next to a volcano or swim with sharks in the ocean floor? Well wonder no more, with today’s technology any one can easily film using a green background and use video editing software to remove backgrounds and replace them with more exciting ones! Create picture short films, documentaries or even the next Hollywood movie! Using chroma-keying enables you to film using green screen and remove the background to create ingenious composites together.
(requires iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Wirecast or I Can Present)

Kapoowww! It’s Comic Life

Design life cycles, storyboards or posters with a twist. Comic life oozes life into even the most mundane activities by giving the artistic capabilities to create professional looking comic style pages, which instantly engages with audiences all around. Comic Life has one of the most simplest user interfaces that even the most ICT challenged individual will be creating comics within minutes using the predominately drag and drop interface.
(requires iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Wirecast or I Can Present)

Stop motion animation the classic way

Create animations the Wallace and Gromit way with simple but powerful stop motion animation software. Used with a webcam, digital images can be captured with a simple press of a mouse click or spacebar.
The captured images can easily be moved around to enable quick edits.
Stop motion animation can be used as fun and engaging way to encourage students unleash their inner creativity.
(requires iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Wirecast or I Can Present)

MS Office familiarisation

Are you moving from one version of MS office to another and finding yourself getting lost in the translation with next to no benefits being promised to you? It’s time to take a step back and run through a MS familiarisation session which provides you all the tips and tricks to settle into a new version MS office highlighting all the great new functions that will not make you a more efficient user but also give yourself that added professional edge to creating school/teaching resources

Excel with numbers!

Ever wondered how spread sheets can automatically complete complicated mathematical calculations for you and save you hours of time?
Well Excel is what you need. Find out how to start from cells of information to writing formulas to do all the hard work for you. Whether it is calculating your school budget funds to analysing student assessment data, Excel has something for everyone.

Life with Powerpoint

Heard of the phrase “Death by PowerPoint”? Well don’t let that put you off from using the industry standard presentation tool!
Learn how to create professional engaging slides to captivate your audience and enhance your presentation. Learn the trade secrets of what makes a good presentation together with the core skills of creating slides to compliment the performance.
Learn how to integrate sound, video and transitions to make it stand out from the sea of meritocracy PowerPoint presentations out there.

Additional premium services

Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop Element

Learn how to create, retouch and enhance images using Photoshop. In a world that is increasing turning digital, having the tools and knowhow to retouch and enhance digital images is fast becoming an essential skill to give you the professional edge above others.
Having professional looking images can make all the difference between an amateur looking poster/leaflet/presentation to a professional look one. Learn how to remove backgrounds and composite other images in its place; unlock your inner creative and artistic skills to enhance the teaching resources you are able to produce to share to your students with Adobe Photoshop.

Redesigning your learning platform

Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop Element

Give your Learning Platform a corporate identity by adding professional graphics representative of your schools corporate look to appeal to users whilst enhancing the usability of the system via a redesigned user interface to aid navigation Estimated average time needed to complete the redesign and structure is 3-5 days depending on the size of the education establishment. Half a day consultation needed to discuss requirements and preferences.

Package Deals

Bulk Purchase & Customised Programmes

Choose from the Standard and Premium Programmes to personalise the training to meet your school’s needs. The package deals are a cost effective and flexible way to customise your training. For example, combine an IWB and visualiser training to be delivered during a half a day or twilight session.