AV Solutions


Audio Visual systems are those which present multimedia content to audiences of various sizes.  ICT Education provide comprehensive AV solutions for a wide variety of projects, ranging from classroom-based Interactive Whiteboards to fully-featured Theatre and PA systems. Whether large or small in scale, ICT Education provides well designed, quality and cost-effective solutions.

  • Digital Signage
  • Classroom AV
  • PA & Theatre Installations
  • Conference Room AV

Solutions can be completely tailored to the environment and support a wide variety of pre-set room configurations, all of which can be activated at the touch of a button. Hearing loops and other accessibility devices can also be embedded to ensure all attendees enjoy the same experience and levels of engagement.

Public Address systems can be as basic as a traditional amplifier and set of speakers up to fully integrated and controllable solutions that comprise video walls, mixing desks, wireless microphones and high-output projectors.

Digital Signage is an eye-catching way to display notices, achievements and multimedia content to students, staff and visitors. Messaging and content across an entire campus or in particular areas where specific messages need to be communicated (e.g. foyers, departmental areas or sports halls) can be updated centrally and with minimal effort.

Where required, signage can be fully integrated with other devices such as DVD players, satellite receivers and audio systems to provide a fully immersive experience. It’s possible to retrieve data from database driven applications such as Room Booking or Management Information Systems, too.