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About Agile

In a world of constant innovation, turbulence and uncertainty Agile enables organisations large, small and huge to deliver projects and systems their customers want in a way which is more certain and predictable than traditional ways of working. Agile enables organisations to reduce time to value, reduce risk and reduce wasteful activity.

Agile enables you to satisfy your customers sooner

In a world where customers have plenty of choice and can move to your competitor tomorrow, Agile ensures that the customer is at the centre of thought, strategy and work. Customer centric solutions simply help delight your customers, turn them into advocates and help you to survive and thrive.

What is Agile?

Agile is an umbrella term for practices that are cantered around people, collaboration, product delivery, customer collaboration and continuous improvement. Agile breaks projects down into small manageable chunks “batches” which are delivered on a consistent cadence from 1 week to a calendar month. Agile is based on closed loop theory, the most effective way to produce batch work when changing requirement are present. Inspection of small batches is done regularly so that defects can quickly be fixed without such a large effect on production. Agile, like closed loop theory requires just 3 things; Transparency, Inspection & Adaptation

Why Become Agile?

Study after study shows that Agile organisations consistently outperform their non Agile counterparts, increase their market share and save millions in the process. Agile organisations are first to market, are able to effectively respond to change whether the change is enforced on them through regulators or market competition. They are leaders within their industries, their customers are delighted as are their employees. The debate about whether or not to go Agile is over, the choice is very simple, remain as a Hippo or become a Cheetah.

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